Building Division

The Building Division issues building permits to homeowners and contractors to regulate construction within the town's limits. We work closely with the Planning Division to help maintain a small-town feeling while ensuring that modern-day building safety requirements are met.

Available Information
It takes everyone in a community to keep our homes, schools, and other buildings safe. The Building Division is happy to provide you with the following information to help your family learn more about building safety and the important part that building codes and permits play in your everyday life. Use this website to get the latest code information or to obtain the resources you need to learn more about the Town of Hillsborough's requirement for building. 

Electronic Permit Tracking
The Building and Planning Department offers a community service public data base website called eTrakit. This website will allow the public and staff to access project, planning, permit, inspection, contractors, licenses, plan checking, and land information using the web-enabled screens and functions. This site will allow owners and applicants 24/7 access to review the status of their projects from the comfort of their home.

Online Project & Permitting Information
Permit records can be accessed online, as well as general information regarding the Building Division Office.