Facilities & Haulers

Disposal of Debris
Materials that have been source separated at the job site and contain very little or no contamination may go to any recycling facility the contractor chooses, but if recycling credit is desired, the facility must be able to provide proof of recycling. Along those lines, it is important to get the appropriate material code (e.g., “wood”, “sheetrock”) on receipts so that full recycling credit can be given for source separation efforts. Also ensure that the facility does not use the debris as Alternative Daily Cover (ADC). ADC is used to cover the working surface of landfills to control odor, windblown debris, and rodents, and is not considered recycled material by the Town of Hillsborough.

Contractors intending to haul mixed debris (e.g., drywall, insulation, plastic, wood, brick, roofing material, etc. all combined in one load), must take it to a facility approved for recycling mixed debris. Zanker Road Materials Processing Facility, for example, will sort and divert from the landfill at least 60% (on average) of the mixed debris hauled to its facility. Contact the town’s Recycling Specialist for a current list of approved mixed debris processing facilities.

Debris Box Companies
Only debris box companies with a town franchise are permitted to operate in Hillsborough. These companies have agreed to recycle at least half of all the materials they haul from Hillsborough town limits. Still, the contractor is responsible for directing the debris box company (as with any hauler) as to where the debris should be hauled for recycling. Contact the town’s Recycling Specialist for a current list of approved debris box companies.