Receipts for Debris
Contractors must account for all construction and demolition debris (whether salvaged, recycled or disposed) that leaves their job sites. This includes any debris hauled by subcontractors such as drywallers. Prior to final inspection, the receipts should be summarized on a Diversion Summary Sheet and then submitted to the Recycling Specialist for review.

General contractors should consider inserting recycling language into their sub-contracts to help ensure adherence to the plan. Similarly, debris haulers should be reminded of the facilities to be used, and that they must obtain and retain properly coded (e.g., “concrete,” “green waste”) receipts for all loads from all facilities to which they haul debris. In addition to the material type, receipts should show the date, project address, city of origin, and amount of material that was recycled or disposed.

Review of Documentation
For demolition projects, the Recycling Specialist will review the documentation to verify that the recycling goals were met before the construction permit will be issued. For alteration and new construction projects, review and acceptance of recycling and documentation is required before scheduling a final inspection.