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Building Green In Hillsborough
Building on its original, voluntary program established in February 2008, the Town of Hillsborough’s City Council approved a Green Building Ordinance (Ordinance #686) in April 2009 to require a minimum number of green building measures in new construction and remodeling projects. The Green Building Ordinance became effective July 1, 2009 and requires completion of Build It Green’s Single Family GreenPoint Rated Checklist (save document to hard drive before editing) and approval by Building Department staff. The ordinance requires that the applicant comply with the provisions of the approved GreenPoint Checklist and meet the requirements as outlined in the Ordinance's Standards for Compliance. These standards for compliance require that the permit applicant meet a minimum number of Green Points relative to the size and type of project.

The permit applicant is also to provide documentation and evidence prior to final building inspection indicating that the approved GreenPoint measures have been completed. For more information about the green building measures identified in the GreenPoint Checklist, please refer to Build It Green’s most current New Home Construction Green Building Guidelines and Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines.

The goal of the ordinance is to provide energy and water efficient, sustainable and healthy homes for the residents of Hillsborough. The town developed the Green Building Ordinance in a collaborative manner and received a significant amount of feedback from the residents and building professionals in the development process. For additional information about the Town's Green Building Program, view the Building and Planning Department's June 2009 Green Building Program workshop presentation (PowerPoint). Also, check out the resources and information below and elsewhere on the town’s green building pages.

What Is Green Building?
Green building is a “whole-systems” approach for designing, constructing, and maintaining buildings in a manner that conserves energy, water and material resources, and creates buildings that are healthier, safer, and more comfortable to live in than ordinary structures. For a comprehensive look at green building practices refer to the aforementioned Build It Green Guidelines or view a sampling of them on the Hillsborough's Green Building Practices page.

Green Building Forms and Handouts:

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