City Manager

City Manager's Office
The City Manager has administrative responsibility and authority to see that the laws and ordinances of the town are duly enforced. He is responsible for managing and giving direction to all department heads except the City Attorney. The City Manager is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of, the City Council.

Major responsibilities of the the City Manager include:
  • Represents the town with other governmental agencies
  • Recommends adoption of ordinances and resolutions to execute the City Council's policies
  • Advises the City Council of the town's financial condition and operational issues
  • Prepares an annual budget and Capital Improvement Plan
  • Exercises general supervision over all public buildings, parks, and other public property under the control of the town
  • Appoints or removes employees of the town
Subordinate Departments
The City Manager's Office includes the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Human Resources Specialist and City Clerk. See the City-wide organizational chart for more information.