Site, Location & Orientation

Protect topsoil and minimize disruption of existing plants and trees.
  • Incorporate passive solar design features such as:
    • South facing glass windows, doors to improve passive solar performance
    • Roof overhangs, trellises, awnings to selectively control heat gain through windows or doors
    • Floor and wall materials that improve thermal mass and moderate temperature swings
    • Windows oriented to catch prevailing breezes and provide cross ventilation
  • Deconstruct instead of demolishing structures to reduce the amount of material that will be disposed in a landfill.
  • Recycle construction and demolition waste. Note that the Town of Hillsborough requires execution and approval of a Waste Reduction Plan on construction and demolition projects.
  • Design a space-efficient, compact home to minimize the energy needed to heat and cool the house. Though bigger may be considered better to some, large houses with empty spaces can raise heating and cooling costs significantly.
  • Limit the impervious surface area of your site to help prevent stormwater runoff. Hillsborough places limits on impervious surface area.