Current Town Projects

Below is a list of current Town construction projects in Hillsborough.
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2017 Street Resurfacing Project

Council adopted a resolution to award a construction contract to G. Bortolotto & Co., Inc. for the 2017 Street Resurfacing Project. The project consists of resurfacing and rehabilitating 21.5 miles of roadways with various treatments, with an additional 8 miles of roadways receiving a crack sealing treatment designed to preserve and extend the life of the roadway. The primary factor for choosing roadway segments included for rehabilitation is the Pavement Conditon Index (PCI) of each roadway. PCI is a measurement of a street's condition, and is derived through field inspections that utilize scoring criteria developed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's (MTC) pavement management program. Field inspections were conducted in the fall of 2016, and the roads with the lowest PCI ratings were included in this year's project.

The project included the use of Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC) on the main thoroughfares of Crystal Springs Rd. and Hillsborough Blvd. made possible through grant funding from CalRecycle. The use of recycled Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC) provides a smoother and quieter roadway surface than conventional asphalt, and helps reduce the accumulation of disposed tires occupying landfills.

For the list and map of the streets included in this project, please follow the appropriate links below.

2017 Street Resurfacing Project Street List

Map of 2017 Street Resurfacing Project

Vista Tank Reconstruction Project

This project consists of demolishing the existing steel water tank and pump station, and replacing it with a larger, seismically improved, concrete tank and pump station. Construction started in mid-October 2015, with clearing and demolition of the existing site, relocation of private service connections, and earthwork and mass grading having been completed. Site work and construction of the new pump station remain pending. Water service to the Vista Zone will be provided via the Marlborough tank and will continue unimpeded during the project.

Skyfarm II Tanks Recoating / Retrofit Project

This project consists of recoating the exterior and interior of two 700,000 gallon water tanks, in addition to performing minor structural repairs and equipment upgrades. This project was awarded at the November 2015 Council Meeting, and construction commenced in mid-December. Structural repairs and interior and exterior coating have been completed for both tanks and the refurbished facilities have resumed operation. Staff anticipates presenting the project to Council for acceptance in early 2017.

A1 Priority Project – Phase 1 and Walnut Storm Drain Intercept Project

The A1 Priority Project – Phase 1 consists of three bid ready, high priority pipe systems identified via the Town’s 30-Year Master Plan. The Walnut Storm Drain Intercept Project is a high priority system that involves intercepting storm water flows on Floribunda Avenue and diverting them to Terrace Creek via Walnut Avenue. These projects are anticipated to alleviate localized flooding, improve public safety, protect public property and reduce long term maintenance requirements by operations staff. Council awarded the construction agreement at the September 2016 meeting, and construction began in October 2016.Staff anticipates that the project will be completed in early Spring 2017.

Tournament Tanks Recoating/Retrofit Project

This project consists of recoating the exterior and interior of two 600,000 gallon water tanks, in addition to performing structural repairs and equipment upgrades. Town staff released this project for bidding in September 2016 and the project was awarded by Council at the November 2016 Council Meeting.