Current Town Projects

Below is a list of current Town construction projects in Hillsborough.
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Crystal Springs / El Cerrito Phase II Project

This project consists of the installation of approximately 9,800 linear feet of 28” sewer pipeline. Construction resumed on July 6th and crews have now installed over 7,300 linear feet of pipeline, 36 manholes, and re-located 500 linear feet of potable water pipeline. Despite recent rains, the project remains on schedule to be completed in Spring 2016.

Vista Tank Reconstruction Project

This project consists of demolishing the existing steel water tank and pump station, and replacing it with a larger, seismically improved, concrete tank and pump station. Construction started in mid-October, with clearing and demolition of the existing site, relocation of private service connections, and earthwork and mass grading having been completed. Water service to the Vista Zone will be provided via the Marlborough tank and will continue unimpeded during the project.

Skyfarm III Tanks Recoating / Retrofit Project

This project consists of recoating the exterior and interior of two 700,000 gallon water tanks, in addition to performing minor structural repairs and equipment upgrades. This project was awarded at the November 2015 Council Meeting. Construction commenced in mid-December and is anticipated to be completed in summer 2016.

Ralston/Pepper Sewer Hydraulic Improvements and Pepper Water Main Replacement

In order to deal with heavy wet weather flows from upstream and eliminate sanitary sewer overflows, 2,850 linear feet of existing sewer pipeline will be replaced with new state-of-the art pipelines. Approximately 1,750 linear feet of existing cast iron water pipeline will be replaced. Construction is slated to begin in April 2016.