Water & Sewer Services

The Town of Hillsborough bills for water and certain sewer services. Residential sewer accounts are billed and collected by the San Mateo County Controller’s Office through the property tax billing.

Monthly Billing

Residential and Commercial (schools and clubs) customers are billed monthly. Bills are due upon receipt and considered delinquent after 30 days of mailing the invoice. A penalty of 10% and interest will be assessed on delinquent accounts.

Water Rate Cost of Service Study Session

The City Council conducted a Water Rate Cost of Service Study Session on November 2, 2016 to review proposed water rate changes. The report was also brought forward on the December 12, 2016 Council meeting. The Rate Study Report and Powerpoint are included below.

Additional Resources

The Town of Hillsborough offers these helpful links about your water:

To see an image of the Town's new meters, click here

To see a "water units to cubic feet to gallons" conversion, click here

To see how to manually read your new iPerl water meter (not necessary), click here