Water Conservation Resources

Learn About Water Conservation
The Bay-Friendly Gardening Program offers the home gardener and the professional landscaper tools for designing, constructing and maintaining beautiful, healthy, water conserving, bay-friendly gardens. The program's Bay Friendly Landscaping Guidelines and Bay Friendly Gardening Guides are rich resources and include information about native plants, irrigation, integrated pest management, and minimizing use of fertilizers and chemicals.
Bay-Friendly Gardening Program
Visit the the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency's (BAWSCA) website to learn more about conserving water in the home, rebates on water-saving appliances, and local programs that encourage prudent water use.
Water Saving Hero
California's Save Our Water program offers consumer-oriented information and tools for understanding of the long-term issues facing the state’s water system and practical tips for reducing water use indoors and outdoors.
Save Our Water
The Water - Use it Wisely campaign offers a number of water conserving resources including a list of 100 Ways to Save Water.
Water-Use It Wisely
The Town of Hillsborough boasts a well-designed Water Conservation Garden, located at 1600 Floribunda Avenue. Visit the garden to get ideas of what plants will help you save water in your own garden. You can get more information about water conservation in Hillsborough by reading the Hillsborough Water Department's water conservation information.
Water Conservation Garden