Roof Framing Plan

Information Required
  • If the roof consists of engineered trusses, provide 2 sets of wet-stamped and signed truss drawings. If there is an Engineer or Architect of Record, that individual must review the truss drawings and state (in writing) that the truss drawings are compatible with the building design (a common error).
  • For engineered trusses, show hardware used to fasten truss to top plate (toe-nailing not permitted).
  • Show the thickness and span rating of the roof sheathing (for example: 5/8" 24/16 plywood).
  • Show minimum attic ventilation of 1 square foot per 150 square feet (1/150) of attic area. If the ventilation is evenly-divided between high and low (eaves), the area may be reduced to 1/300.
  • For conventional (non-engineered) site-built roofs, show rafter size, grade, and spacing. Show wall ties (not collar ties) a minimum of 48 inches on center.