Mechanical Plan

Information Required
  • The mechanical plan may be included on the floor plan if sufficient clarity is maintained.
  • Show all gas appliance locations with the rated BTU (input) of each device.
  • Show where the gas piping enters the building and the length and size of all piping. Specify the type of gas to be used (propane or natural gas). Note that sizing gas piping can be complex - we recommended that your gas supplier, licensed installer, or other qualified professional calculate the gas piping sizes. Note that undersized piping can create an unsafe condition.
  • Show how gas appliances in confined spaces will receive combustion air. Note the size and location of the openings. Again, undersizing combustion air openings can create an unsafe condition.
  • Show the size and location of the vent (flue) from each appliance.
  • If a water heater is located in the garage, show the burner assembly located a minimum of 18 inches above the floor. Show approved seismic bracing for all water heaters. Note that gas water heaters cannot be located in a bedroom or bathroom, or gain access through that room.