Hillsborough Police Department

Welcome to the Hillsborough Police Department

Hillsborough is a unique community benefiting from many of the world's cultures. The Police Department demonstrates a unique ability to give specialized service while at the same time being totally committed to law enforcement.

Hillsborough Police personnel take great pride in their ability to protect and serve the Town of Hillsborough while respecting its citizens' privacy and dignity with minimal intrusion.

With the understanding that Hillsborough is a strictly residential community, the Police Department is dedicated to ensuring the function and safety of necessary, lawful commercial and charitable enterprises required by the residents.

The Hillsborough Police Department values the contributions and commitments of its employees. Therefore, we encourage an environment which emphasizes:

•    Personal and Professional Development
•    Sharing and Teamwork
•    Group Decision Making

All this enables the employees to have a sense of control over the direction of the Department and a clear understanding of the organization's expectations.

Please take a moment to review a summary of services offered by the Hillsborough Police Department as well as information regarding our alarm monitoring service. 

Summary of Services


Alarm Monitoring


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