1. Boards & Committees

    Browse through various governmental boards and committees.

  2. Building & Planning

  3. Building

    Read building codes, plan check requirements, apply for building permits, browse general services, and more.

  4. Planning

    The Planning Division is responsible for design review, zoning, environmental assessment and long-term planning.

  5. City Attorney

    The City Attorney is the chief legal advisor to the City Council, City Manager and operating departments, and all appointed boards and commissions.

  6. City Clerk

    Find information about the Town Municipal Code, the election and voting process and how to access public records.

  7. City Council

    The governing body of the Town of Hillsborough is the City Council, which establishes the local law and policies through enactment of ordinances and resolutions.

  8. City Manager

    Learn about the City Manager, who has administrative responsibility and authority to see that the laws and ordinances of the town are duly enforced.

  1. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for financial services, revenue services and information technology.

  2. Fire

    Fire services in the Town of Hillsborough are provided by Central County Fire Department, including carbon monoxide safety, emergency and disaster information, and additional resources.

  3. Hillsborough Neighborhood Network

    HNN is a program of residents helping residents to be prepared for disasters. Learn more about emergency kits for your home; First Aid, CPR and CERT classes for residents; and Town emergency communications protocols.

  4. Human Resources

    Learn more about town employment opportunities, town labor agreements and personnel policies.

  5. Library

    Find a library near you.

  6. Police

    Read about Hillsborough police services, department information, and programs.

  7. Public Works

    Seek information on parks, water and sewer systems, projects, and more.