Sustainable Hillsborough

Sustainable HillsboroughHere you can find green programs and policies that the town has implemented and identifies actions that residents can take to help create a more sustainable community.

The Town of Hillsborough has been a leader in sustainability in the Bay Area, including being the first jurisdiction in the Bay Area to approve a Construction and Demolition Recycling program. Since then, the City Council recognized the need to develop a comprehensive plan that will provide a solid roadmap to prioritize new sustainable programs and policies. 
  1. Climate Action Plan

    In December 2007, the City Council approved a resolution to expand Hillsborough’s efforts to be a more sustainable community by authorizing a Sustainable Hillsborough Task Force to be established.

  2. Community Solar Program

    As part of its ongoing sustainability initiatives, the town launched a Community Solar Program that enabled individual residents to use group purchasing power to achieve significant reductions relative to the normal cost of solar power for their homes.

  3. Compost Giveaways

    Typically in the spring and fall, the Town of Hillsborough hosts “Free Compost Giveaway” events.

  4. Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

    An important aspect of Green Building is waste reduction. Hillsborough was one of the first jurisdictions to approve a construction and demolition policy and hire staff to monitor and enforce a Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Program.

  5. Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is the most important tool for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction in the energy and gas sectors.

  6. Environmental Preferable Purchasing Policy

    The town passed a resolution adopting an Environmental Purchasing Policy that requires the purchase of recycled and environmentally preferred products.

  7. Green Building

    The Town of Hillsborough’s City Council approved a Green Building Ordinance (Ordinance #686) in April 2009 to require a minimum number of green building techniques in new construction and remodeling projects.

  8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

    The town completed a greenhouse gas inventory which provides an analysis of the transportation, residential, municipal, and solid waste sectors and their GHG emissions.

  9. Public Works Excellence in Sustainable Programs

    Learn about Public Works initiatives in sustainable programs.

  10. Open Space Management

    Hillsborough has 259 acres of open space, which cannot be developed or sold. This land is intended to be preserved in its natural state.

  11. Residential Recycling

    The town provides a state-of-the-art 3-cart system for collection of residential trash, recyclables and organics (e.g., food waste and yard waste).

  12. Water Conservation

    The Town of Hillsborough recognizes the importance of water conservation and offers or has offered water conservation resources and programs.