Mayor's Message

Larry May
    We are all fortunate to be able to live in Hillsborough. Our Town has numerous characteristics that have attracted residents from all around the world. Many grew up in Northern California, knew about Hillsborough, and aspired to live here. Others grew up in Hillsborough and, although other places beckoned, could not conceive of raising families anywhere else. 
     The Town of Hillsborough will turn 105 in 2015, and it continues to grow and evolve. In 1950, 40 years after its founding, the census showed a total population of 3,500 (we now exceed 11,000) and Hillsborough was still working on building its identity. West Hillsborough School did not exist and Crocker did not open until the late 1950s. Skyfarm and Polo Terrace weren’t even on the drawing board. 
     Our Town has changed significantly over the last half century. We know in 2015 that as a town, we have built a tradition of being a welcoming community. We also know (and expect) our institutions are excellent. Our police department, fire department and schools are a constant reminder of our greatness. Town departments are accessible to all. Town staff understand and appreciate what makes the character of Hillsborough special and strive to retain that character while continuing to look for ways to improve. 
     Each family has settled in Hillsborough for its own unique reasons. Whether you chose to live here because of the schools, proximity to San Francisco, wanting to be in the center of Silicon Valley, or whether you like the rustic quality of the winding, tree-lined streets with no sidewalks, we thank you for being here, and being an important part of what makes Hillsborough great.

Laurence May, Mayor