Code Enforcement Hearing Panel


Town of Hillsborough
Code Enforcement Hearing Panel


Year Established:      2000
Membership:             Three Members
Appointment:             By the Mayor
Term of Office:           Three years
Term Limit:                 Two consecutive full three-year terms        
Chair:                         Appointed by the Mayor to one-year term
                                  reappointment not to exceed two full terms
                                  terms may be increased at the discretion of
                                  the Mayor based on  the Town’s needs.
Name                                                     Appointment                                   Term Expires

Wallace Baldwin                                                    02/2005                                             12/31/2014**
Leonard Mezhvinsky                                             02/2005                                              12/31/2015*
Cahterine Lee                                                        01/2013                                              12/31/2015^

Mayor                                       Council Liaison                          Chief of Police 
Larry May  Larry May                                                Mark O'Connor


*   First Term  
**  Second Term
^   Filling vacancy that occurred during a term
~ Special appointment by Mayor – term extended