2014 Information Sessions

November 13, 2014 - Drought Part 2: Wildfire Impacts, Wildfire Prevention, and Evacuations
The Hillsborough Police Department (HPD) and representatives from the CA Fish and Wildlife agency presented on recent mountain lion and coyote sitings. Residents were told how to tell the difference between mountain lion and coyote deer kills.  
Public Works provided an update on Town wildfire risk areas and how these projects relate to adjacent residential properties. Central County Fire Department (CCFD) explained how to create a wildfire defensible space around your property and answered questions about hillside maintenance. CCFD also reviewed evacuation protocols and processes with residents.
Drought part 2 - Agenda
Drought Part 2 - Presentation
Living With Fire in San Mateo County - A Guide for Homeowners - This brochure is a wonderful resource for Hillsborough residents. It provides diagrams and details for creating your own home defensible space. 
Emergency Supply Checklist - Compiled by our Central County Fire Department, this is a comprehensive list of supplies for Hillsborough homeowners, assuming you need to shelter in place for up to 72 hours. Each category of items is designed to be stored in separate bins that you place in an easily accessible location in your home or on your property.
HNN Household Registration Form - This form provides important emergency information about household members and your property for use in a disaster by neighborhood leads, CERTs and other volunteer emergency responders. You can specify contact information, special needs (e.g. someone on oxygen) and skills (CERT training, MD) of individual residents: identify personal resources available for use in a disaster, utility shut-off locations on your property, and more.