Neighborhood Leads

As resident volunteers, Neighborhood Leads promote relationships and resilience by helping to organize their respective neighborhoods via social gatherings.

Neighborhood Lead Directory by Area

Neighborhoods Co-Chairs
Neighborhood Section co-chairs provide the resources and support to make it fun and easy to be a Neighborhood Lead.
  • Roshanne Hemmat
  • Harini Krishnan
  • Jackie Sage

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Neighborhood without Leads

Do you know someone who would be a good Neighborhood Lead? Please let us know!  The following HNN neighborhoods are without Neighborhood Leads.

North Area
- Barroihet (Upper)
- El Arroihet/Bromfield
- Floribunda (Lower)
- Irwin
- Ralston @ Eucalyptus
 South Area
- Arcadia/Willard
- Buckeye/Crystal Springs
 West Area
- Churchill (Lower)
- Lakeview (East)
- Skyfarm (Mid)
- Summit (Upper)