Neighborhood Lead Events
Neighborhood Lead Holiday Coffee & Cookie Exchange
Neighborhood Lead Orientation and
Binder Exchange Meetings

These are in-process for all HNN neighborhoods. In these meetings, we discuss changes to the program and new materials for Neighborhood Leads to help simplify your role.

Call your friends. Pick a date. Email to schedule your meeting. It can be at Town Hall or someone's home, whichever is easier for you.

* Below is a list of completed or scheduled meetings. Call 375-7454 for more details or to join a scheduled event.
Date 2016 Neighborhoods
Feb 5 South School and Vista Park
Mar 13 Canyons
Mar 18 Jacaranda
Mar 21 South School
Apr 4 Skyfarm (Upper)
Apr 19 Glengarry
Apr 19 Churchill (Upper)
Summit (Upper)
Barbara/Darrell (North)
May 4 Alberta
June 7 Roblar
Date 2015 Neighborhoods
Feb 9 Skyfarm (Lower)
Mar 11 Black Mountain/Tartan Trail
Tartan Trail East
Mar 11 West Santa Inez
Mar 11 Avondale
Markborough (Lower)
Mar 17 Chateau (Upper)
Mar 19 Bowhill/Reservoir
Mar 25 Parrott
Mar 26 Forestview (Mid)
Mar 27 South Area Leads
West Santa Inez (Mid)
West Santa (Lower)
Apr 9 South Area Leads
Bowhill, Parrot
Tournament (Lower)
West Santa Inez (Mid)
Apr 23 Southdown (East)
Lakeview (Central)
Apr 24 Buckingham
Wedgwood Lower
Wedgwood Upper
May 23 Willow
Sep 18 Barbara Darrell (South)
Sep 21 Country Club
Dec 4 Eucalyptus (Upper)
Farm Lane
Dec 14 Baywood
Dec 16 Alberta, Falkirk
Floribunda (Upper)
Skyfarm (Upper)