Advanced Water Meter Installation Project

Hillsborough will begin its Advanced Water Meter Installation Project in October 2016. The Project will take approximately 6 months to complete and will include the replacement of all of the Town’s 20 year old water meters with advanced water meters that can be read remotely.

UPDATE: The water meter replacement project is substantially complete: Every route has had its water meters replaced. However, there are a handful of meters on each route that were not replaced due to special circumstances. The Town will contact and work with these residents directly.

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Hillsborough’s Public Works Department will notify residents by postcard a couple of weeks before their advanced meter installation will occur.

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The Public Works Department will also notify residents by door hanger one to three business days before their meter installation will occur. It is important for residents to keep their water meter clear of parked cars, water turned off, and pets indoors during the actual meter installation. The Town’s installation contractor will try to contact whoever is home before turning off the water service and beginning the meter installation. Installation contractors will not need to enter your home and you do not need to be home when installation occurs.

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The contractor or Town staff will contact residents regarding any issues encountered during installation.

Our community’s drinking water will remain safe throughout this project. Residents may notice that their water appears cloudy after their meter installation due to air bubbles trapped in their water line. This can be resolved by running water from a tub or faucet until the water appears clear.

The Town’s water meter installation contractor has provided a tentative installation schedule and map. The color coded map shows areas in which advanced meters have been installed, are currently being installed, or are scheduled to be noticed and installed, by meter route areas. Please refer to the key at the bottom of each map. Various factors, including rain, may affect the actual schedule as the project progresses. Please regularly check back for updates to the schedule as your tentative installation date approaches.

See the Meter Installation Map Here

This project is an important part of the Town’s ongoing commitment to maintain high-quality services to our residents. Hillsborough’s new Advanced Water Meter System will use the latest water meter technology to provide timely water meter read information and help identify possible leaks. This will enable the Town staff to better serve you and more accurately answer your water use and billing questions.

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Once the Town’s new water meters have been fully installed, Hillsborough will provide its residents with a web-based customer service portal. The customer service portal will allow residents to log on and view their daily water use, identify possible water leaks, and set high-water-use and leak alerts.  The customer service portal will be accessible from a computer or mobile device. The Town plans to make the customer service portal available for resident's in Spring 2017.

Please email or call 650-375-7444 if you have questions about this project.

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