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No Solicitation Registry

  1. The Town of Hillsborough cannot legally restrict solicitation on an individual's property unless the resident of that property: 1) posts a "No Solicitation" sign; 2) completes a "Request to be entered on the No Solicitation Registry;" or 3) otherwise refuses permission to enter the property.

    Incidents of solicitation within the Town of Hillsborough have increased. The number of organizations legally requesting permits to solicit has risen and is expected to grow.

    The Hillsborough Police Department has a "No Solicitation Registry." If you wish your address online to be included in our registry, please complete the request form.

    This request may be revoked at any time by so notifying the Hillsborough Police Department in writing. Please print and mail your request to the Hillsborough Police Department at 1600 Floribunda Avenue, Hillsborough CA 94010.

  2. Hillsborough,
    CA 94010

  3. I understand it is still possible that solicitors will ignore the No Solicitation Registry and come to my property. If they do so, I or another member of my household should immediately call the Hillsborough Police Department.*

    I acknowledge the above statement.

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