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Does the Town run / operate the schools?
The Town of Hillsborough and Hillsborough City School District are two different organizations serving residents.  They have separate budgets, and sources for funding.  The Town has no jurisdiction over the School District.

How do I find out about bidding for city contracts?
Most RFP's will be posted on the Town's website in the future.  Businesses can request to be added to bidder lists kept by the Public Works and Finance deparments.

Click here to see RFP webpage

How do I locate my backflow device or clean out?
Both the backflow device and clean out are located on your sewer lateral, which connects your home to the Town's main. 

A backflow device is usually located within 10 feet of the street.  It is buried in the ground, usually within a small concrete box marked as sewer.

There can be more than one clean out on a lateral or directly from your home. One cleanout is usually located immediately outside your residence.  If you walk the perimeter of your home you are likely to find at least one black 4" pipe on an outside wall or in the ground at grade level.  (The lid should rest on the pipe, and not be screwed down, as that would prevent proper operation of the clean out, which should permit sewage to escape so it does not come out of your household fixtures.  The Town provides free pop-up lids that break when under sewer pressure.) 

If you need assistance, please contact Public Works at (650) 375-7444.

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How do I obtain a backflow device reimbursement?
The Town no longer operates a backflow reimbursement program.

How do I obtain a washing machine rebate?
Contact Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA).

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I need meals delivered.
San Mateo County offers programs to assist homebound seniors and disabled persons.   

Phone: (650) 295-2173

Press link for more information

I need to know about food stamps or food assistance.
County of San Mateo has a variety of food and nutrition programs.

Link to County of San Mateo

I need to know about Medicaid.
Please go the Medicaid website.

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I need to know about Medicare.
Please go to the Medicare website.

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I need to talk to the Health Department.
The Health Department is a part of the County of San Mateo.

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I want a copy of the city budget.
The budget is available online.

See the budget.

I want to buy a piece of city property.
Contact Public Works

Phone: (650) 375-7444

I want to complain about garbage cans left on the sidewalk.
Please contact the Police Department.

Phone: (650) 375-7470

I want to report a problem with a city property or facility.
Please contact Public Works.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

I want to report bad tasting/looking water.
During business hours call the Finance Department.   After hours, please call the Police Department.

Phone: (650) 375-7402

I want to report elder abuse.
Please contact Adult Protective Services.

Phone: (800) 675-8437

I want to report about an illegal addition on a home.
If you believe that someone is illegally constructing an addition, you may call the Building Department to see if there is a Building Permit on record.  The Building Department will need to have the street address in order to search the files.  If it is determined that work is being done without a permit, a Building Inspector will be sent to investigate the job.

Phone: (650) 375-7411

I would like information about Hillsborough Beautification Foundation (HBF).
Please see their webpage.

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I'm a retired city employee and want to know about my health benefits or pension.
Contact the City Manager's Office or go to the Retirees' web page on this site.

Phone: (650) 375-7400

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Is there rent control?
No.  The Town does not have a rent control ordinance.

The drains/sewers in my street smell bad.
Please contact Public Works.

If there is an overflow of sewage requiring immediate attention, please call Public Works during business hours or the Police Department (650) 375-7470 after business hours.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

To whom do I report a chlorine smell in the water?
A chlorine smell can represent a problem with water quality. Please report it to Public Works at (650) 375-7402 or, after hours, contact the Police Department (650) 375-7470.

What can I do about trees blocking my view?
The Town does not have an ordinance protecting views or that requires anyone to trim or remove a tree to preserve a view.

Residents are advised to contact the owner of the tree to determine if trimming or removal is possible. 

If the tree of concern is Town owned, please contact the Public Works Department.  Generally, the Town will not allow the trimming or removal of trees in the Town's open space areas.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

What can I do about construction noise?
If you believe that construction is occuring at times other than those permitted in Hillsborough (Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am - 5:00 pm; no work on Sundays and Town Hall holidays), please contact the Police Department.  For noise that you believe is too loud, also contact the Police Department.  Patrol Officers will measure the decibels with decibel meter if there are concerns.

Phone: (650) 375-7470

What can I do about tree limbs in the street?
Please contact Public Works at (650) 375-7444 during business hours, or the Police Department at (650) 375-7470 after hours.

What is the difference between a town and a city in California?
There is no difference in California.  The Town is incorporated in the same manner as any other general law city.

What is the process regarding approval of cell antennas and other wireless facilities?
A brief question and answer document is available below.

Residents who have additional questions about cell antenna or other wireless facilities should contact pw@hillsborough.net

Questions and answers regarding Wireless Facilties

What kinds of grants, rebates or reimbursements are available?
The Town funds reimbursements for backflow devices, and washing machine rebates.

When did Hillsborough become a Town (incorporate as a city)?
The Town was incorporated on May 5, 1910.

Where are the nearest hospitals?
The hospitals in the area are Mills-Peninsula Hospital, Kaiser Redwood City, Kaiser South San Franciso, Seton Medical Center, Sequoia Hospital Redwood City.

Who do I talk to about Social Security?
Below is the link to the Social Security Administration.

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Who is responsible for trimming street trees?
Generally, residents are responsible for trimming trees along the frontage of their properties.  The Town maintains trees on public properties.

Who is the mayor?
Jess E. (Jay) Benton

Who manages or maintains city owned / public properties?
Most Town public properties are managed and maintained by the Public Works Department.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

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