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Roads & Streets


A street light is out.
Most street lights in Hillsborough are mounted on poles owned and maintained by PG&E. 

To report the street light, try to obtain the pole number which is located near its base.

A link to PG&E's report a problem form is below.


A traffic or street sign is broken, missing, or illegible.
Please report issue to Public Works.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

I need my street address repainted.
The Town does not paint numbers on street curbs.  The Town and the Central County Fire Department prefer that residents locate street numbers in a visible spot facing the street, adjacent to a driveway that is illuminated at night. 

I need to have the colored curb repainted.
Contact Public Works.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

I want to report a pothole.
Please contact Public Works, and let them know the street, cross streets, and the direction of the lane with the pot hole (north, east, south, west.)

Phone: (650) 375-7444

I want to request a no parking zone.
Contact Public Works, such requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

I want to request a stop sign.
Please contact Public Works. The City Engineer considers each request on a case-by-case basis.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

I want to report tree roots lifting up a parking strip.
Parking strips are the responsibility of the home owner. 

Please attempt to contact the home owner.

I would like a speed bump installed on my street.
The Town does not install speed bumps as policy.

My street sign is missing or damaged.
Report it to Public Works.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

The pavement is broken.
Because of contraction and expansion due to weather conditions, and daily wear and tear, asphalt pavement often develops cracks.  The Town conducts a bi-annual survey of its street to examine the general condition of the streets, including their structure.  This survey is called the Pavement Condition Index.  Annually the Town sets its priorities for the streets to be repaired and reconstructed.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

There is a leaky fire hydrant on my street.
Please contact the Public Works Department.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

What can I do about potholes?
Potholes on Town streets can be reported to Public Works.  Please provide the street name, nearby address or cross street, and lane direction (east, west, north, south.)

The Town does not have jurisdiction over any portions of the El Camino Real or Hwy 280.

Phone: (650) 375-7444

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