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Sewer Improvements


How can I help the Town maintain the system?
Residents can help by maintaining their sewer laterals and reducing water usage whenever possible, particularly during wet weather. Repairing or replacing a damaged sewer lateral reduces the amount of groundwater infiltration into the sewer system and prevent overflows.

How does the Town collect and treat its sewage?
Hillsborough’s sewer collection system consists of more than 90 miles of sanitary sewer pipe. It is known as a satellite system because the Town’s wastewater is sent to treatment plants operated by the cities of Burlingame and San Mateo. The Town’s system shares sewer mains with these entities in some areas.

What action has the Town taken to resolve the capacity issues?
The Town has invested significant resources to resolve capacity issues and maintain a safe sewer system:

 • The Town is committed to having a sewer system that operates safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.  This is a priority for the City Council, as reflected in the budget.

• In the past 12 years Hillsborough has invested $19 million to upgrade the sewer collection system.

• During the past decade, four bond measures have been approved for sewer maintenance, repair and replacement projects.

• The Town has identified $17 million in improvements over the next 12 years as part of the Capital Improvements Budget.

What are the consequences of a sewer overflow?
Sanitary sewer overflows present not only a public health concern, but can compromise local waterways. When the downstream treatment plants become overloaded during heavy rains, it can lead to unpermitted discharges of wastewater into San Francisco Bay. Hillsborough and other communities in the Bay Area are working to maintain and upgrade their sewer laterals, mains and treatment plans to protect our water resources.

For more information, go to http://www.hillsborough.net/about/news

Also, http://www.hillsborough.net/depts/pw/sewer

 More information is also available at http://www.sewersmart.org/

What can I do to prevent sewer backups in the Town?
Proper disposal of all materials can help prevent backups and assist town crews in maintaining sewer lines. Residents can also maintain their sewer laterals and have them inspected periodically. If you plan to plant trees in your yard, make sure you know where your sewer lateral is located and avoid planting trees near a lateral. Roots are the most common cause of damage to laterals. The town will assist you in locating your sewer lateral.

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