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Green Building


Approximately how much can people save by installing green features in their homes? When do people start seeing the payoffs?
Savings due to the installation of any green appliance or implementation of any green practice vary based on size of the home, improvements in energy efficiency technologies, and other factors.

Are there any national rebates or tax credits for building green homes?
The California Energy Commission offers a “buy-down” for specific alternative power technologies. Visit their website at http://www.energy.ca.gov to learn more information about this program.

Are there any special forms I have to fill out in order to build green in Hillsborough?
Along with other building permits, residents should read the New Home Construction Green Building Guidelines or the Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines.

Are there some green building model homes or showrooms that I can see for inspiration?
Visit the Build it Green website for information about green home tours in the Bay Area.

Can I get rebates for building green? Where can I find those? How about special low-interest loans for building green?
The Town of Hillsborough offers rebates for technologies that can help green your home, as does PG&E. Visit our rebates page here, and the PG&E rebate page here to download the application forms.

I want to incorporate green building features into my construction project. What are the building code considerations that I must know to proceed?
Hillsborough residents who want to undertake green building projects must read the New Home Construction Guidelines for Green Buildings, or the Remodeling Guidelines for Green Buildings.

I’m not remodeling my house, but I want to add some “green building” features to save money. What are some things I can do?
An easy way to make your home energy-efficient would be to install energy and water efficient appliances and efficient lighting fixtures. You can find such products at the Energy Star website at http://www.energystar.gov/. Please visit http://www.watersavinghero.com for water conservation tips. Look through this website, the additional links, and the green building guidelines to see what features you can incorporate into your home or future projects.

Where can I find information about contractors who specialize in green building?
You can find many local resources for green building at the Build it Green website at http://www.builditgreen.org/.

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