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Callan Subdivision

Callan Property Subdivision


The Town has received a Conceptual Plan application (which is the first step in the subdivision process) for an 8-lot subdivision for the future construction of individual homes on a 20-acre property at the north east corner Crystal Springs Road and Tartan Trail Road (assuming that Crystal Springs Road runs east/west) owned by the Callan Family Trust and presented by Brian Desler of Callan Realty Co. 

The project includes the construction of two cul-de-sac streets, for which vegetation removal, grading and retaining walls will be required, and the installation of utilities and public improvements.  The site is steeply sloping, currently covered with a mix of dense natural shrubs, trees and natural grasslands, and it is adjacent to San Francisco Water District property and San Mateo Creek. Topography and grading are recognized as significant factors affecting infrastructure, road development, and structure siting.  

The applicants are requesting a series of exceptions to the Town's development standards Lots are nonconforming to Hillsborough's standards in width, right angles, lack of street connections, street grade, roadway centerline radii, cul-de-sacs lengths, front setbacks of homes, retaining wall heights, and back up distance for garages.  The Town will need to explore the legal, community and engineering appropriateness for exceptions to the Town's development standards.   


The project will require preparation of an Environmental Impact Report to address various environmental impacts including biological, traffic and transportation, geological, hydrological, visual, and public services. 


The project is in the "Conceptual Review" process which involves no formal action from either the ADRB or the City Council.  The Conceptual Plan process is a preliminary review of proposed subdivisions to facilitate optimum subdivision design, reduce unproductive effort by all concerned and bring about a better result for applicants, the Town residents and the City Council.  The process is intended to provide a forum for citizens and the City Council to provide preliminary feedback to the applicant and staff on issues relating to the subdivision’s design and environmental issues.

The Architecture and Design Review Board (ADRB) reviewed the project as a discussion item on October 8, 2013.  The City Council is projected to review the project on January 13, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.  Please contact Elizabeth Cullinan at (650) 375-7416 or ecullinan@hillsborough.net with questions and comments.  You may also view the details of the application at:  http://permits.hillsborough.net/Search.aspx?grp=project  

This item is a "Project" and is SUB13-0006.

Project Documents:

Notice of a Public Hearing - City Council Meeting January 13, 2014

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