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Informational Handouts

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) and can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Planning Division has prepared a series of handouts with key development-related information to assist in the understanding of the Town’s requirements and processes:

  • Appeal Procedure – Information for those who may wish to appeal a decision by the Architecture and Design Review Board (ADRB)

  • City Council Projects – Information on what is required for projects which are subject to review by the City Council

  • Development Standards – The handbook for developing houses and additions to houses in Hillsborough. This contains information on setbacks, height limits, house sizes, parking requirements, etc.

  • Extension Procedure – This explains how to request an extension to an approval which was granted by the Architecture and Design Review Board (ADRB)
  • Green Towns Sunshares ProgramHave you been thinking about energy efficiency or solar energy system installation, but don’t know where to start? The Bay Area Climate Collaborative is offering homeowners in Hillsborough, Portola Valley and Woodside a special energy efficiency and solar group buy program.
  • Guide to Creek and Wetland Project Permitting -  Should you have a project that is adjacent to or involves a riparian corridor or wetland, certain permits may be required from Federal , State or local agencies.
  • Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors - The Irrigation Association provides an online tool for locating certified landscape irrigation auditors based on geographic areas. The Town's Water Efficiency in Landscape Ordinance (WELO) requires all Tier II landscape plans to be reviewed and certified by a certified landscape irrigation auditor.  More information regarding the WELO requirements can be found online: TOH Water Efficiency in Landscape Requirements

  • Landscape Certification – This is the form used to submit the certification by the project landscape architect that the project has been installed consistent with the approved plans
  • Living With Fire in San Mateo County - This document contains information on how to reduce hazardous vegetation, create defensible space areound structures and provides a general overview of fire hazards and fire behavior.
  • Wildland Urban Interface / High Fire Hazard Severity Zone - New construction and teardowns located in either the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) or High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (HFSZ) will be required to incorporate fire resistant construction methods & materials as well as defensible space and vegetation management plans in landscape designs.  For a determination if these requirements apply to your project, please contact the Building & Planning Department at (650) 375-7411.  The links will provide a listing of approved WUI & HFSZ materials, companies and methods.
  • Lot and House Size – This answers common questions about lot sizes and house sizes in Hillsborough

  • Preliminary Reviews – This explains the process for the preliminary review, by the Architecture and Design Review Board, of new houses and other projects

  • "Replacement" Fencing Along A Street –This explains the approval process for replacing an older fence with a new fence when the fence runs along a street frontage
  • Residential Design Guidelines - The Residential Design Guidelines were adopted by the City Council in 2004 and subsequently amended in July 2006 (solar panels) and August 2012 (roofing).  The purpose of the guidelines is to  provide design guidance for new development which takes place in the town, including new houses, additions, landscaping, and fencing and gates. The Guidelines provide flexibility for designers while assuring conformance to the community's vision and goals for development.

  • Solar Panels – This explains the process for designing and installing solar energy systems

  • Standard Conditions of Approval – This is the list of conditions of approval which apply to all new houses, second story additions and ground floor additions 500 sq. ft. in size or larger

  • Story Poles – This explains the process for installing story poles for proposed development

  • What is the ADRB? – This provides some general information about the Town’s Architecture and Design Review Board

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