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Code Enforcement

Contact Information
Code Enforcement Hotline - (650) 375-7572 Email Contact - lstevens@hillsborough.net, Code Enforcement Division, Hillsborough Police Department, 1600 Floribunda Avenue, Hillsborough, CA 94010

The mission of the Code Enforcement Program of the Hillsborough Police Department is to develop and administer a program of education and policy compliance. This is done by overseeing the condition of public and private properties in order to enhance the Town's heritage of natural beauty, foster its legacy of public safety, and sustain the value of property for all residents.

What is Code Enforcement?
In many respects, code enforcement is a specialized form of law enforcement, subject to all of the legal standards and constitutional limitations that law enforcement entails. The citizens of Hillsborough place a high priority on maintaining neighborhoods and preserving the value of public and private investments. Code enforcement seeks to pursue compliance with the Town's ordinances while protecting the constitutional rights of the citizens of Hillsborough.

How does the Code Enforcement Program Work?
Code enforcement cases originate from complaints or referrals from residents or others. Complaints are received by telephone, letter, email, or in-person. Complaints may be anonymous, or the complainant may provide a name which may remain confidential to the extent allowed by law.

Once a complaint or referral is received, the Code Enforcement Officer proceeds to investigate. The Officer also reviews Town records related to the property.  A cornerstone of Hillsborough's Code Enforcement Policy is that the Officer will attempt to personally contact alleged violators, either in a meeting or through a phone call. If this contact is not possible, a letter will be written. The Officer will try to secure voluntary compliance to the Town's regulations.

If voluntary compliance is not achieved, the Code Enforcement Officer will prepare and deliver abatement notices, assuring due process. If voluntary compliance cannot be obtained, options include filing a criminal complaint, citation subject to an administrative fee, summary abatement, and citation for misdemeanor or infraction.

Code Enforcement Hearing Panel
The Hearing Panel consists of three members which are residents of the Town and appointed by the Mayor. At least two members are needed to conduct a hearing. There is an alternate member who may serve in the absence of a regular member.

The Hearing Panel conducts legal public hearings in accordance with provisions of Hillsborough Municipal Code Section 8.16.060 and the Town of Hillsborough's Nuisance Abatement Hearing Rules of Procedure.  The Hearing Panel considers the matter and renders a decision regarding the violation. The decision may include steps that must be taken to abate the violation, fines and/or penalties, time schedules for compliance, etc. Decisions may be appealed to the local court system.

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