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Current Town Projects

Skyline Boulevard Slide Repair:  The northbound lane of Skyline Boulevard, approximately 1,000 feet north of Hayne Road, has encountered minor earth movement creating a depression in the shoulder and travel lane.  Crews will begin stabilizing the roadway by drilling 17 “stitch piers” on the shoulder.  Work will begin on Wednesday, April 16 and last approximately three days.  Depending on working conditions, northbound traffic may be detoured to Darrell Road from 8am-5pm while work is underway.

Robinwood / Denise Storm Drain Repair & Road Stabilization Project:  The project scope involves repairing a severely eroded slope that is causing distress on Robinwood Road and replacing and extending a storm drain line from the edge of pavement down to the creek below.  The repairs made as part of this project will help prevent future roadway failure protect the utilities located within it.  Council awarded this contract to Farallon Company at the May 2013 Council Meeting.  Due to right of access delays the project had been on hold.  Construction started in early September, with installation of storm drain improvements and drilled piers and concrete grade beams being completed by the end of October.  Miscellaneous improvements will continue through mid-November.  Staff anticipates that this project will be placed on the January council meeting agenda for project acceptance.

3635 Ralston Storm Drain Repair Project:  Council awarded this contract to Express Plumbing at the September 2013 Council Meeting.  The project scope includes replacing deteriorated corrugated metal pipes (CMP) with smooth high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and reinforced concrete pipe (RCP).  Construction of the storm drain facility replacement project begin in mid-October and remains on going.  It is anticipated that work will be substantially completed by the end of November, with crews finalizing the remaining punch list items through the early part of December.

Black Mountain Road Stabilization Project:  A section of roadway in the vicinity of 1375 Black Mountain Road has been settling and shifting sideways for several years, resulting in ongoing pavement and gutter damage.  This project was awarded to Farallon Company at the September 2013 Council Meeting.  Farallon Company has completed the installation of a new storm drain system with grade beams and replaced the existing soil with engineered fill.  Construction of the roadway is anticipated to start the first week of February 2014 and a complete roadway closure between Southdown Rd. (North) and Southdown Rd. (South) is necessary to properly excavate the roadway sections that must be replaced.  The road closure is anticipated to continue through the end of March 2014 due to weather delays.  For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at (650) 375-7444 and review the Public Notice.

Grade 4 & 5 Sanitary Sewer Repair Project:  The design for this project was completed in late September and it is currently out to bid.  Bids will be opened in late October.  Construction is anticipated to begin in late December.

30-Year Storm Water Master Plan:  E2, a sub-consultant to the Town, has started performing facility inspections on over 300 different storm drain catch basins, manholes, pipes and other various types of drainage structures.  It is anticipated that these facility inspections will continue through January 2014.

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