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Sewer Lateral Programs

As part of the Town’s efforts to eliminate the discharge of raw sewage into the San Francisco Bay, it is encouraging and incentivizing the voluntary repair or replacement of faulty sewer laterals by private property owners. Broken laterals allow excess water to seep into the system, overwhelming the wastewater treatment plants, and can cause raw sewage overflows. It can also result in sewer backups both inside and outside the home.

On June 12, 2012, the City Council adopted a New Private Sewer Lateral Inspection Ordinance. The proposed ordinance calls for the inspection of private sewer laterals at the Town’s cost, and financial assistance for property owners who voluntarily repair defective private sewer laterals. 

Whenever the Town repairs a public sewer main, the connected sewer laterals would be subject to the provisions of the proposed ordinance. The Town plans to implement sewer main repairs in phases, with priority given to the most critically defective areas.  Property owners who authorize private sewer lateral repairs in conjunction with work on the main sewer system, may see their costs significantly reduced.  The Town will waive permit fees and provide low-interest loans for the property owner’s who need assistance with the cost of repairs to their upper laterals.

The Smoke Testing and Video Inspection Project is anticipated to be underway by late summer.  Residences located within one of the priority basisn will be notified by mail and phone.  

Help Stop Pollution of the San Francisco Bay!

Storm water entering a leaking sewer lateral on your property can contribute to sewer overflows and pollution. This inflow and infiltration enters the sewer system and overwhelms the wastewater treatment plants, resulting in the discharge of raw sewage into the San Francisco Bay. 

Interested in learning more about how inflow and infiltration occur? Watch this short, but informative video produced by the Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority!

This program has been implemented as part of a Supplemental Enviornmental Program ordered by the Regional Water Quality Control Board (Region 2) as part of Cease and Desist Order R2-2009-0020 which prescribes measures needed to avoid sanitary sewer overflows from the Town of Hillsborough's sewer system.

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