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Residential Outdoor Conservation
Residential Indoor Conservation

Outdoor Conservation


Hillsborough residents use a significant amount of water on their landscapes. Over two-thirds of all water used in
Hillsborough is used for irrigation, pools and other outdoor purposes. However, water conservation efforts have traditionally focused on indoor water use (water efficient toilets, shower heads, washing machines, etc). Reducing outdoor water use represents the greatest opportunity for Hillsborough to conserve water. The Town has implemented several new programs to promote outdoor water conservation.

Hillsborough Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

The Town adopted its
Water Efficiency in Landscaping Ordinance (“WELO”) on June 14, 2010 in order to comply State Law AB1881, “The Water Conservation in Landscaping Act”. The Ordinance became effective August 14, 2010 and requires that all applicable landscape projects install water efficient landscapes and irrigation systems. Applicable projects include those requiring design review, building or landscape permits and new or expanded water service, with new irrigated landscape areas 2,500 square feet or greater (including water features).

Applicable projects shall demonstrate compliance with the Ordinance during the Planning review process. The following documents have been created to guide you through the WELO requirements and will be required to be submitted to the Planning Department with your landscape plans.

In addition, applicable projects shall submit the following documents for approval as a condition of permit:

Please call 650-375-7411 with any questions regarding the Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance. Also, please check out these additional outdoor water conservation resources which may be helpful on your project.

NEW!  Water Use Reports

The Town launched a new Water Use Report program in May 2011.  Visit the Town’s Water Use Report website www.waterfluence.com/hillsborough for more information.  Please call us at 650-375-7444 with any questions.

Outdoor Conservation Tips

Visit www.waterfluence.com/hillsborough/tips for helpful outdoor conservation tips and links to useful resources.

Indoor Conservation

Visit www.waterfluence.com/hillsborough/tips/ (scroll down page) for helpful indoor conservation tips and links to useful resources.

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