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Form Catalog

The Form Library for the Town of Hillsborough
Section UL
 Council Travel & Training Reimbursement Form (10 KB)
Building Permit and Inspection
Section UL
 Building Permit Application (105.5 KB)
 Construction Requirements (30.4 KB)
 Plan Check Requirements (45 KB)
 Required Soils Report (92.1 KB)
 Roofing Requirements (51.7 KB)
 Short Form Recycling Packet (90.5 KB)
 Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Self Certification (69.1 KB)
 Special Inspection & Testing Schedule (44.2 KB)
 Sub-Contractors List (64.9 KB)
 Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standard Requirements (62.6 KB)
 Waste Reduction Plan Recycling Packet (355.3 KB)
City Clerk
Section UL
 Claim Form (34.1 KB)
 Fundraising Event Permit Application (308.3 KB)
Section UL
 Alarm Permit Application (22.2 KB)
 Alarm System Monitoring Agreement Form (164.9 KB)
 Application For Water Service (499.8 KB)
 Automatic Payment Service Application (19.4 KB)
 Category 1 Contractor Business License Application (61.5 KB)
 Category 2 Prof Svc Business License Application (62.6 KB)
 Category 3 Real Estate Business License Application (81 KB)
 Category 4 Alarm Security Business License Application (62.4 KB)
 Category 5 Home Business Permit Application (81.9 KB)
 Category 6 Rental Property Business License Application (57.3 KB)
 Multiple Vehicle Permit Listing (29.3 KB)
 Provisions for Home Businesses (16.7 KB)
Planning - Application Forms
Section UL
 Administrative Design Review, Architectural Projects (229.9 KB)
 Administrative Design Review, Landscaping Projects (215.4 KB)
 Administrative Review Fences, Walls, Gates Application (195.4 KB)
 ADRB Application, Architectural Projects (313.4 KB)
 ADRB Application, Landscaping Projects (288.3 KB)
 ADRB Application, Tree Removal (not related to development) (75.9 KB)
 ADRB Roofing Application (78.7 KB)
 Environmental Information Form (35.3 KB)
 Making Changes to ADRB-Approved Plans (26.8 KB)
 Motion Picture and Television & Other Commercial Photography Permit Process and Application (37.7 KB)
 Preliminary Review Application by the ADRB (81 KB)
 Satellite Dish/Antenna Application (65.9 KB)
 Second Unit Application (633.1 KB)
 Variance Application (64.3 KB)
Planning - Informational Handouts
Section UL
 "Replacement" Fencing Along A Street (34.4 KB)
 2013 ADRB Meeting Schedule and Filing Deadlines (26.8 KB)
 Administrative Review - Landscape Plans requiring resubmittal (42.1 KB)
 ADRB and Planning Application Fee Schedule, effective July 1, 2013 (81.3 KB)
 Appeal Procedure (20.4 KB)
 City Council Projects (21.5 KB)
 Development Standards (331.7 KB)
 Environmental Assessment for Grading Permits (26.1 KB)
 Extension Procedure for ADRB Approvals (19.8 KB)
 Landscape Certification (25.9 KB)
 Lot and House Size (145.2 KB)
 Preliminary Review Application by the ADRB (80.8 KB)
 Requirements for Parking Strips (60.7 KB)
 Residential Design Guidelines (link)
 Securing Approval of ADRB-Required Design Modifications (50.3 KB)
 Solar Panels (46.3 KB)
 Standard Conditions of Approval (209.3 KB)
 Story Pole Requirements (137.2 KB)
 Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs (44.8 KB)
 Tree Protection Measures for Construction Sites (43.4 KB)
 Tree Removal Guidelines (33.5 KB)
 Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (847.3 KB)
 What is the ADRB? (151.3 KB)
 WUCOLS Plant List (3.8 MB)
Police Department
Section UL
 No Solicitation Registry (22.7 KB)
 Resident Information (47.2 KB)
Public Works
Section UL
 Sewer Video Inspection Request Form (22.8 KB)
Public Works Information Sheets
Section UL
 Driveway Standards (45.6 KB)
 Easement Abandonment Application (95.8 KB)
 Mailbox Standards (34 KB)
 Parking Strip Requirements Handout (60.7 KB)
 Standard Details - Civil (1.38 MB)
 Standard Details - Sanitary Sewer (1.37 MB)
 Standard Details - Water (1.05 MB)
 Standard Details Table of Contents (5.3 KB)

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