Building Division: 



How do I Apply for a Permit?

Beginning May 2020 the Town began accepting all electronic submittals only, we accept the following building permit application types via the eTRAKiT platform:

  • Building (BLD)
  • Combination (COM)
  • Plumbing (PLB)
  • Mechanical (MEC)
  • Electrical (ELC)
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (M/E/P)

For questions or status updates on Encroachment (ENC) and Grading (GRD) permits please email the Engineering Department, at or call (650) 375-7444.

To Apply for a Permit:

First time Contractors, Consultants and Homeowner/Builders will need to register with the Town in advance of being provided login credentials.  Please check the site to see if you are already established, otherwise to obtain a username and password, please complete online form below with the following information:


CONTRACTORS/CONSULTANTS please also attach the following documents:

  • Copy of your Town of Hillsborough Business License
  • Copy of your current Contractors State License Board (CSLB) License
  • Proof of Insurances
    • Copy of Workers Compensation Insurance Information
    • Liability Insurance Information (if cutting or trenching)
    • USA number (if cutting or trenching)

OWNER/BUILDERS please also attach the following documents:

What projects require a Planning Application?

Please visit our Planning Applications page at for details on what requires Planning review and how to submit an application.

I have an Active Building Permit. What is the Status and How can I pick it up? 

Department staff will be contacting applicants to provide them direction on how to pay for and issue approved permits. Staff will  be taking payments for permits at the Building & Planning Department Counter or for your convenience online. Your time is valuable, please do not come to Town Hall to pay for a permit until you have been contacted by Department staff.

I have an Active Building Permit . I would like to submit a Revision or Re-submittal? 

Once your permit has been issued, please log into the webportal etrakit attach all resubmittal materials, please note no individual pages only complete plan sets. Once you have done so, please call your permit technician to alert them of the new work. 

I have an Active Building Permit and preparing for final inspection:

Once your permit has been issued, please attach all special inspection forms, subs-lists, irrigation audits, landscape architects letter, architectural and engineers letters to your permit for our inspectors review. 

Other Questions?

Please contact the Building Division at (650) 375.7411.

Town Hall is currently open to the public as we continue to remain paperless are accepting online permits.

If you would like to schedule an inspection please feel free to call and Town staff will assist.

  1. Building & Planning Department

    Physical Address
    1600 Floribunda Ave.
    Hillsborough, CA 94010

    Phone: (650) 375-7411
    Fax: (650) 375-7415

Purpose of the Building Division

The Building Division issues building permits to homeowners and contractors to regulate construction within the town’s limits. We work closely with the Planning Division to help maintain a small-town feeling while ensuring that modern-day building safety requirements are met.

Electronic Permit Tracking

The Building and Planning Division offers a community service public data base website called eTrakit. This website will allow the public and staff to access project, planning, permit, inspection, contractors, licenses, plan checking, and land information using the web-enabled screens and functions. This site will allow owners and applicants 24/7 access to review the status of their projects from the comfort of their home.

Online Project & Permitting Information

Permit records can be accessed online, as well as general information regarding the Building Division Office. To Schedule an Inspection please call the Building Department at (650) 375-7411 please allow 24 hours for a response to your request. For after hours inspection requests, you may submit online but do allow 48 hours for your inspection or next available.