City Clerk

City Clerk’s Office

The Town of Hillsborough City Clerk functions under the City Manager’s Office. View the City Manager’s Office Organizational Chart (PDF).


The City Clerk is the archivist of city records, and as such, provides public information and responds to requests for public information, certifies and distributes ordinances and resolutions as appropriate and/or legally required, publishes and posts legal notices, receives claims against the town and is responsible for the maintenance and distribution of the Hillsborough Municipal Code. The City Clerk also handles the permit process for fundraising events.

The City Clerk serves as Clerk of the Council, administers municipal elections, and maintains rosters, agendas, minutes, attendance records, applications, and oaths for the city’s boards and committees.

Candidates Appointed to Hillsborough City Council

The City Council appointed the two candidates, Marie Chuang and Laurence M. May, to the Hillsborough City Council at a Special City Council meeting held on Wednesday, August 22, 2018. Appointing the two candidates to fill the two City Council seats allowed the Town to cancel the November 6, 2018 general municipal election and avoid the election costs. Marie Chuang and Laurence M. May took office at the December 10, 2018 City Council meeting.

Town Elections

The City Council consists of five members who are elected at-large on a non-partisan basis for a four-year term by the citizens of Hillsborough. Elections are held in November of even-numbered years. The City Council selects one of its members to be Mayor and one to be Vice Mayor, each for a maximum of two one-year terms. Candidates must be registered voters within the limits of the Town of Hillsborough at the time nomination papers are issued. For more information, please visit the Election Information webpage, or contact City Clerk Miyuki Yokoyama at 375-7412 or by email.

As the administrator for the requirements of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), the City Clerk maintains election campaign and economic interest disclosure reports. For more information about the Political Reform Act related to campaign finance, lobbying registration and conflict of interest, visit the FPPC’s website.

Statement of Economics Interests

A Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) for the following are filed with the FPPC:

  • Shawn M. Christianson, Mayor
  • Alvin L. Royse, Vice Mayor
  • Jess E. Benton, Councilmember
  • Marie Chuang, Councilmember
  • Laurence M. May, Councilmember
  • Christopher Diaz, City Attorney
  • Jan Cooke, Finance Director

The Statements of Economic Interests may be available in electronic format on the FPPC’s website.

Conflict of Interest Code