Water & Sewer Rates

Water Rate Schedule

The water rate schedule (PDF) is as of January 1, 2021 (charge per unit of water).

Bi-Monthly Billing (half for monthly customers)

Per Hundred Cubic Feet of Water (CCF)Rate
1 - 20 units$5.98
21 - 44 units$7.59
45 - 70 units$10.43
Over 70 units$15.92


Bi-Monthly Service Charge (half for monthly customers)

Meter SizeRate
3/4-inch meter$137.36
1-inch meter$167.30
1 1/2-inch meter$234.62
2-inch meter$324.40
3-inch meter$563.82
6-inch meter$1,581.30
8-inch meter$2,479.08

Sewer Rate Schedule (Annual Fee)

Effective July 1, 2020

Hillsborough Racquet Club$1,772.00
Cal Trans Rest Stop$29,768.00
Crystal Springs Upland School$16,656.00
Burlingame Country Club$58,473.00
Crystal Spring Golf Club$22,681.00
Hillsborough School District$35,084.00
Nueva School$4,961.00