South Bayside Waste Management Authority - RethinkWaste

The JPA (South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA) also known as RethinkWaste) provides strategic oversight, support and management of service providers that collect, process, recycle and dispose of materials for the member agencies. Their services include selection of the service providers and the annual rate review process. RethinkWaste is staffed with 8 personnel led by an Executive Director who reports to a Board of Directors comprised of elected officials from the member agencies.

Shoreway Environmental Center

RethinkWaste also owns and manages the Shoreway Environmental Center, which receives all of the recyclables, organics and solid waste collected in its service area. The Shoreway Environmental Center is a regional solid waste and recycling facility and includes a state-of-the-art single-stream Material Recovery Facility (MRF), a transfer station, a public recycling center and an environmental education center.

RethinkWaste Board

The RethinkWaste Board of Directors annually adopts a budget (July to June) which includes revenues, expenditures and reserves. Sources of revenue include investment income, tipping fees charged at the Shoreway Environmental Center, and the sale of recyclable commodities. These revenue sources fund program expenditures related to the administration, franchise contract compliance and support, recycling programs, Shoreway operations and capital improvements. Their annual budget, budget message and audited financial statements can be found on-line at their website.

RethinkWaste holds monthly meetings on the fourth Thursday of the month from 2-4 p.m. at the City of San Carlos Library, Conference Room A. Agenda packets are available online at their website.

For more information on RethinkWaste, please contact them directly at 650-802-3500, or visit their website.

Rate Setting Process & Operational Agreements

RethinkWaste also manages the rate setting process (calendar year basis), including recommending the annual revenue requirement for each member agency to set solid waste rates for their franchise collection services delivered by Recology San Mateo County.

Each member agency holds its own Collection Franchise Agreement with Recology San Mateo County. the JPA holds the Facility Operations Agreement with South Bay Recycling (SBR) for the Shoreway Environmental Center and the Disposal Agreement with Ox Mountain Landfill.

These are some of the major agreements:

  • Ox Mountain disposal agreement with SBWMA
  • Recology Collection franchise agreement with each member agency
  • SBR Shoreway operations agreement with SBWMA
  • BFI Newby Island Organics Processing agreement with SBWMA
  • Recology Grover Organics Processing agreement with SBWMA
  • Zanker Road Construction and Demolition (C&D) processing agreement with SBWMA
  • San Carlos franchise agreement with SBWMA

Below are some of the major documents relating to the JPA and the town's franchise agreement: