Service Providers

Recology San Mateo County (Recology)

Starting in January 2011, Recology became the recycling, compost and solid waste collection service provider for the JPA's service area. The new services introduced in 2011 included a more convenient weekly collection of single-stream recycling, organic materials (yard trimmings and food scraps) and solid waste with an emphasis on increased diversion. There was a substantial change in the contractor compensation approach from the "cost-plus" methodology of the prior collection services franchise agreement to a "fixed cost" (i.e. base cost plus index adjustments) methodology included in the 10-year Franchise Agreement between the Town and Recology. For more information on Recology, contact them at 650-595-3900 or visit their website.

Below are the links to some of the services:

South Bay Recycling (SBR)

Residential and commercial solid waste and recyclable materials that are collected by Recology, the franchise hauler, are taken to the Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos for processing and shipment. The facility is operated by South Bay Recycling under a 10-year contract with RethinkWaste as of January 2011. For more information on SBR and the Shoreway, please contact them at 650-802-8355 or visit their website.