Solid Waste Rates

Town of Hillsborough Solid Waste Rates

Rates in effect as of January 1st. 

For services not listed here, see Attachment Q - Backyard Collection Service and Unscheduled Services (PDF).


Container Size

Flat fee per parcel address (collected with the property tax)
20-gallon cart$29.25
32-gallon cart$35.72
64-gallon cart$55.50
96-gallon cart$80.98
Additional organics cart (beyond first)$24.77
per cart

*These rates are based on the size of the black cart and includes:

  • 1 black cart for solid waste
  • 1 blue cart for recyclables
  • 1 green cart for organics


1 cubic yard solid waste$131.96
1 cubic yard organics$65.98

What’s Included in Your Rates

  • Weekly curbside collection of solid waste (trash) (black cart)
  • Weekly curbside collection of recyclables (blue cart)
  • Weekly curbside collection of organics (food and yard waste) (green cart)
  • Weekly curbside collection of cell phones and batteries
  • Weekly curbside collection of used motor oil and oil filers
  • "On call" bulky waste collection twice a year
  • Christmas tree recycling collection
  • Community Shred events; Compost events & E-scrap events (offered throughout the year)
  • Landfill fees for disposal of solid waste and costs associated with handling recyclable & organic materials
  • Local fees

The progressive rate structure in place helps encourage residents to recycle more and downsize their solid waste service level. However, expenses that change depending on the size of the black cart are only those associated with the disposal and processing the materials. All other costs including cost of the truck, the driver’s time, etc. remain the same regardless of the size of the cart.