Trash, Recyclables & Organics Collection

Trash, recyclables, and organics are collected weekly. Trash is placed in the black cart. Recyclables go in the blue cart. Organics go in the green cart. More information about the CartSmart program can be found on Recology's website.

Residents are encouraged to place the recycling containers at the curb no sooner than the evening prior to the pickup and to remove them as soon as possible after pickup, but no later than the evening of pickup. Please remember to space carts 2 feet apart from each other.

In addition to collecting the carts, Recology will collect used batteries and motor oil (1 gallon per week in a 1 gallon jug). Recology also collects bulky items twice a year at no charge. Call their customer service line for more information at 650-595-3900.

Rear / Side Yard Service

Residents can request rear / side yard service for a monthly fee. The cost is based on your trash subscription (black carts). The fee is based on the distance of the cart from the curb and the number of carts.

Residents with physical limitations can receive a waiver from this fee. Please contact Recology at 650-595-3900 if you need this assistance.

Complaints About Service

Residents should first contact Recology at 650-595-3900 or through the Recology website about their concerns. In general, most problems can be resolved with a phone call. If you are experiencing chronic problems, please contact Public Works at 650-375-7444 or via email. The town has access to Recology's computer information and dedicated company contacts to resolve issues.

The town's franchise requires Recology to be responsive to residents' needs, and procedures are in place for the town to fine Recology for patterns of poor customer service.