Storm Drains

Storm drains are maintained by the town's streets and sewer crews. The Town has hundreds of drainage inlets that must be maintained to convey stormwater into the San Francisco Bay.

Difference Between Sewers & Storm Drains

When it comes to waste disposal, it is very important to know the difference between a sanitary sewer drain and the storm drain.

Sewer drains receive water that flows from showers, sinks, and toilets and is conveyed to the treatment plants. After a thorough treatment process, water is discharged into the San Francisco Bay.

Storm drains are found outdoors. For example, inlets are located on the sides of streets. This water is not treated before it reaches the San Francisco Bay. Thus any trash placed in the street can flow into a storm drain and eventually be found in the bay.

Avoid Storm Drain Pollution!

Stormwater enters storm drains and flows directly into nearby creeks, rivers, and the San Francisco Bay. That is why it is important to avoid dumping items such as pesticides, paint, detergents, chemicals, and debris into storm drains. When these pollutants go into the storm drain they can damage our local environment.

Do not empty swimming pool water, filter backwash, or wastes from acid washing, plastering, or grout into storm drains. Instead dispose of pool water in the sanitary sewer through a clean out, a laundry sink, or other plumbing fixture. (Swimming pool water can only enter a storm drain if it has been dechlorinated after a long period of time.)

Dispose of unwanted pool chemicals properly. Many are hazardous waste and should be discarded appropriately. Contact Rethink Waste at 800-449-7587 for more information.

Municipal Regional Permit Annual Report

On September 12, 2014, the Town submitted its Fiscal Year 2013-14 MRP Annual Report to the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The Town updates its MRP Annual Report pursuant to permit Provision C.16.a of the Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES Permit, Order R2-2009-0074, NPDES Permit No. CAS612008 issued by the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The Town's MRP Annual Report provides information regarding its efforts to control, regulate, reduce and mitigate stormwater discharge and pollution into local waterways. See Hillsborough's FY13-14 Annual Report (PDF).