The Town operates and maintains a water distribution system to serve its residents and water users. It is a complex system with varying topography and 19 separate but interconnected pressure zones. The infrastructure network includes 108 miles of water mains, 10 water storage sites consisting of 18 water tanks, 14 water pump stations and over 7,500 various assets such as water meters, fire hydrants and valves. The Town purchases treated water from the San Francisco Water Department, which is delivered from its Hetch Hetchy system. This water is delivered through eight water meter locations from the SFWD's 42 inch and 60 inch service transmission lines. From these connections, the Town pumps and delivers water to nearly 4,300 metered accounts.

The Town's Water Division consists of eight employees and is charged with maintaining the Town's water distribution system and ensuring that the water delivered to Hillsborough residents is safe and healthy for human consumption.

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