Department Structure

Fire services in the Town of Hillsborough are provided by Central County Fire Department, with business address at 1399 Rollins Road, Burlingame, California, 94010. On April 20, 2004, the City Councils of the Town of Hillsborough and the City of Burlingame approved a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) merging their respective fire departments and creating the Central County Fire Department. The department is governed by a board consisting of two councilmembers from each agency. The Chief Administrative Officer of the Department shall be one of the City Managers who will alternately serve a 2-year term. The Chief Administrative Officer, in turn, appoints the Fire Chief.

Central County Fire Department also provides fire protection services to the City of Millbrae.

Board Members & Officials (PDF)

  • Burlingame Vice-Mayor, Ann Keighran, Chair
  • Hillsborough Councilmember, Jess E. Benton, Vice-Chair
  • Burlingame Councilmember, Michael Brownrigg
  • Hillsborough Mayor, Marie Chuang, Chair
  • Jean B. Savaree, Aaronson, Dickerson, Cohn & Lanzone, Legal Counsel
  • Hillsborough City Manager Kathy Leroux, Chief Administrative Officer

Engines & Trucks

The department has 6 engine companies, 1 truck company and one Battalion Chief on duty each day. The department also has Fire Prevention, Administrative, and training divisions. View the organizational chart for more details.

  • Engine 32 at 330 Ascot Road, Hillsborough
  • Engine 33 at 835 Chateau Drive, Hillsborough
  • Engine 34 and Truck 34 at 799 California Drive, Burlingame
  • Engine 35 at 2832 Hillside Drive, Burlingame
  • Engine 37 at 511 Magnolia Ave., Millbrae
  • Engine 38 at 785 Crestview Drive, Millbrae

Fire Prevention Services are offered at 1399 Rollins Road, Burlingame,CA 94010. Fire Prevention calls should be directed at 650-558-7615.