Council Meetings

Meeting Information

The Hillsborough City Council holds its regular meetings on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. 

In addition to regular meetings, the City Council can meet on an as-needed basis.

  • Special meetings - Meetings outside the regular meeting schedule.
  • Emergency meetings - Under urgent conditions, Council can convene a meeting.
  • Study session - Meetings with staff to discuss current issues. These meetings are different from special meetings in that Council cannot take action on item discussed in the study session.
  • Closed session - Meetings to address personnel, real estate or litigation matters. For reasons of confidentiality, these sessions are closed to the general public.

For additional information, please reference the Town's Guide to City Council Meetings.


The agenda is used as the official guide by which the City Council conducts its meetings. The agenda, prepared by staff, includes current legislative and policy issues. Copies of the agenda and staff reports are available in the City Clerk's Office at Town Hall on the Friday before each City Council meeting. Copies of the agenda are available at the meeting and posted on the Town website. Individuals may sign up for email notification of agenda postings through the town's E-Notify system.

The consent calendar contains routine items which do not require discussion. One motion is needed for approval of all items listed on the Consent Calendar. Any council member may remove an item for discussion.

Addressing City Council

Every effort is made to assure that members of the public have ample opportunity to address the City Council on items of individual or community concern. Individuals who wish to address the City Council may do so during the Public Comment section of the agenda at each City Council meeting. Speakers are requested to complete a yellow speaker card and submit it to the City Clerk or use the raise hand feature in Zoom before addressing the City Council.

Legal Posting Places

As no newspapers are published in the Town of Hillsborough, notices of new ordinances, public hearings and other meetings are posted on the official town bulletin boards as required by law. There are three posting places in Hillsborough, including Town Hall, in front of Fire Station 32 at 330 Ascot Road, and in front of Fire Station 33 at 835 Chateau Drive. As a courtesy, notices are published in the San Mateo Daily Journal.