Community Solar Program

Hillsborough Community Solar Program

In early 2009, the town presented SolarCity's Community Discount Solar Program which encouraged residents to consider solar for their homes and receive a reduction in the cost of solar installations through April 24, 2009.

Benefits of The Solar Program

  • Substantial discounts on solar during the program period - above and beyond state and federal incentives.
  • The ability to reduce energy bills to $0 or near $0.
  • Generation of clean energy that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases.
  • The ability to install solar without a large upfront investment through the available solar lease program - make small payments each month that are typically lower that what you currently pay for electricity.
  • Getting the latest information on costs and solar benefits from free solar seminars.
  • Achieving immediate, tangible environmentally beneficial results.
  • New tax credits made solar more affordable than ever!
  • Hillsborough reduced solar permit fees to $0 (previously $505)!
  • Hillsborough residents use energy in their homes that generates over 40% of the community’s greenhouse gas emissions. By installing solar, residents generate clean energy that can help solve the urgent global warming problem. Every home that generates clean energy helps.

How Residents Participated


  • Contacted SolarCity to get a free solar assessment (888-SOL-CITY).
  • Joined other Hillsborough residents at the Town Hall for free solar workshops.
  • Gathered friends and neighbors for a community solar presentation (“solar party”) facilitated by SolarCity.

Why the Town Is Promoting Solar

  • Hillsborough needs to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the AB 32, Global Warming Solutions Act emissions reductions targets. The law requires reducing emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and an 80% reduction below 1990 levels by 2050.
  • Residents who install solar become part of the solution to global warming and help Hillsborough meet the emissions reduction targets as well as the goals of the town’s Climate Action Plan.
Solar Panels

Why SolarCity

SolarCity offers:

  • Premium product service from initial on-site inspection to comprehensive administrative services to ongoing system monitoring.
  • One-stop shopping - from design, permits and financing to installation and monitoring - no outsourced or sub-contracted services.
  • System monitoring to continually track the performance of your system and alert SolarCity to any problems.
  • Diamond Certification signifying the highest quality equipment and materials, and the latest technology.
  • Extensive experience with over 2,000 home and business customers.
  • Commitment to the belief that solar energy should save the customer money.
  • Performance guarantee enabled through quality design and product warranties. With a SolarLease there is a performance guarantee for the duration of the lease.

Please note: Residents were free to choose any solar company they preferred. This offer was provided as a service for residents, but residents were free to select any solar vendor.

How the Solar Tax Credits Work

Recent legislation passed as part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is paving the way to cheaper solar. Though previously limited to $2,000 and not available to those paying the AMT, the new legislation approved through 2017 a Federal Income Tax Credit of 30% of the cost of your solar system with no cap or AMT restriction!


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