Compost Giveaways

Free Compost Giveaways

Typically in the Spring and Fall, the Town of Hillsborough has hosted “Free Compost Giveaway” events. The compost is made from yard trimmings and food waste collected from communities participating in curbside organics collection program. The compost is ideally mixed with soil as an amendment to enrich soil for lawns, gardens, ornamental plants, trees and potted plants.

By utilizing this non-chemical alternative to fertilizer, residents put organic resources back into the soil, thereby "closing the loop" and keeping these materials out of the landfill. Residents can typically take up to 1 cubic yard of compost at the giveaway events. Events are sponsored by RethinkWaste, Recology and the town. Sign up for email notifications or visit the News Flash® page for postings of giveaway events.



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