Building & Planning



The Town of Hillsborough Building and Planning Division's mission is to serve customers with professionalism, efficiency and a community partnership approach to ensure that new development meets homeowner objectives as well as community standards and compliance with local, state and federal development, land use and environmental regulations.


The Division is divided into two functions:

The Building Division issues building permits to homeowners and contractors to regulate construction within the Town's limits. The primary purpose of the division is to provide a minimum standard to safeguard life, health and property and regulate the control of design, construction and quality of materials, use and occupancy, location and maintenance of all buildings and structures within the Town limits. This Division also provides assistance with recycling, engineering, public works and code enforcement.

The Planning Division is responsible for four key functions: Zoning, Environmental Assessment, Long-Term Planning and Design Review. These functions can be generally described as follows:

  • Zoning includes the administration of the zoning regulations and other development-related regulations of the Hillsborough Municipal Code and providing zoning information to homeowners and developers.
  • Environmental Assessment involves the preparation of environmental documents as required for private and Town projects consistent with provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act.
  • Long-Term Planning involves the preparation, maintenance and implementation of the Town's General Plan.
  • Design Review involves proving staff services to the Town's Architecture and Design Review Board (ADRB), processing applications, conducting public hearings and implementing the Town's Design Guidelines.