Administrative Hearing Panel

The Town is currently recruiting for upcoming openings on the Administrative Hearing Panel. Applications, a letter of interest and resume are due to the City Clerk by noon on Friday, October 29. For more information and an application, visit:


  • Catherine Lee, Chair
  • Robert Berger
  • Catherine "Kitty" Mullooly
  • Bob Walker
  • David Weinberg
  • Larry May, Council Liaison
  • Doug Davis, Staff Liaison

Panel Overview

The five members of the Administrative Hearing Panel are appointed by the City Council to develop and administer a program of education and policy compliance overseeing the condition of public and private property in order to enhance the Town’s heritage of natural beauty, foster its legacy of pubic safety and sustain the value of property for all residents. The panel reviews neighborhood complaints received by Code Enforcement, reviews complaints received by the Building and Planning Department, issues decisions and orders outlining timeframes for homeowners to complete property projects, enforces municipal, state and federal regulations to protect the general public welfare, protect property and property rights, and preserves the value of public and private property.

Agendas, Minutes and Staff Reports (effective May 2021)

Prior Meeting Minutes:

December 10, 2020