Trainings, Drills, and Information Sessions

Hillsborough Neighborhood Network (HNN) hosts information sessions throughout the year for Hillsborough residents. Topics offered focus on emergency preparedness and disaster response for residents, such as earthquake preparedness, wildfire prevention, flooding, evacuation protocols, pre and post disaster communication options, and volunteering during an emergency. Information sessions also cover topics pertaining to the safety and protection of our residents and their properties, including planning for drought, water conservation and efficiency strategies, sewer backflow prevention, and wildlife encounters. Information is relevant and useful for all residents. HNN members are encouraged to attend to further enhance their skills and knowledge. HNN members include Neighborhood Leads, CERT trained residents, and Communications Technology members, including resident Ham Radio licensed operators. All information sessions are open to the public.

2018 Information Sessions (PDF)

Q1 Session Flyer (PDF)

Q2 Session Flyer

2017 Information Sessions (PDF)

Q4 Annual Exercise Documents:

Winter Storm Action Plan (PDF)

Wildfire Action Plan (PDF)

Exercise Feedback (PDF)