Neighborhood Maps

To find your designated neighborhood go to HNN Map Portal. Just enter your street address and the tool will show a pin at your location. Zoom in to see the neighborhood associated with your home.

HNN and the Hillsborough Police Department worked together to divide the Town into 84 neighborhoods within the three areas aligned with our Town's schools: North, South and West.

To download or print your neighborhood map, click on the neighborhood name below.

North AreaSouth AreaWest Area
Barroilhet (Upper) (PDF)Arcadia/Willard (PDF)Alberta (PDF)
Brewer (PDF)Ascot (PDF)Avondale (PDF)
Country Club (PDF)Baywood (PDF)Barbara/Darrell (North) (PDF)
El Arroyo (PDF)Bowhill/Reservoir (PDF)Barbara/Darrell (South) (PDF)
Fagan (PDF)Buckeye/Crystal Springs (PDF)Bella Vista (PDF)

Longview (PDF)Blk Mtn/Tartan Trail (West) (PDF)
Farm Lane (PDF)Mtn Wood/Clydesdale (PDF)Butternut (Upper) (PDF)
Floribunda (Lower) (PDF)Parrott (PDF)Canyons (PDF)
Floribunda (Upper) (PDF)Ravenscourt/Woodstock (PDF)Carolands (PDF)
Forestview (Lower) (PDF)Roblar (PDF)Chateau (Upper) (PDF)
Forestview (Upper) (PDF)Roehampton (PDF)Churchill (Lower) (PDF)
Geri Lane (PDF)South School (PDF)Churchill (Upper)
Hayne (Mid) (PDF)Sugar Hill (PDF)Falkirk (PDF)
Hillsborough Oaks (PDF)Tobin Clark (PDF)Glengarry (PDF)
Irwin (PDF)Tournament (Lower) (PDF)Lakeview (Central) (PDF)
Jacaranda (PDF)Tournament (Mid) (PDF)Lakeview (East) (PDF)
New Place (PDF)Tournament (Upper) (PDF)Lakeview (West) (PDF)
Parkside (PDF)Uplands (PDF)Laurent/Lupine (PDF)
Pinehill (PDF)Vista Park (PDF)Marlborough (Lower) (PDF)
Ralston@Eucalyptus (PDF)West Santa Inez (Lower) (PDF) Marlborough (Upper) (PDF)
Ralston (Mid) (PDF)West Santa Inez (Mid) (PDF)Robinwood (PDF)
Robin (PDF)West Santa Inez (Upper) (PDF)Skyfarm (Mid) (PDF)
San Raymundo (Upper) (PDF)Woodridge (PDF)Skyfarm (Upper) (PDF)
Seabury (PDF)
Southdown (PDF)
Skyfarm (Lower) (PDF)
Southdown (East) (PDF)
Stonepine (PDF)
Tartan Trail (East) (PDF)
Summit (Lower) (PDF)
Wedgwood (Lower)/Kingswood (PDF)
Summit (Upper) (PDF)
Wedgwood (Upper) (PDF)
Willow (PDF)