About Hillsborough Neighborhood Network (HNN)


Hillsborough Neighborhood Network (HNN) is a group of residents collaborating to organize neighborhoods for emergency preparedness at the individual, neighborhood, and community levels. Our objective is to prepare neighborhoods to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours in case of disaster, to promote a safer, more resilient community, and to build communication within neighborhoods and with the town. HNN is supported by the Central County Fire Department, the Hillsborough Police Department and the Town of Hillsborough.

Our town is comprised of 3,860 homes, spread out over 6.2 square miles of rolling hills and canyons. The town has been divided into 84 pre-designated neighborhoods.

Together, we can be prepared!


To assist Hillsborough residents with emergency preparedness and connect neighbors to enhance resiliency efforts.

What We Offer:

  • Three volunteer groups for all residents: Neighborhoods, CERT, and Communication Technology
  • Tools and resources to prepare your household
  • Outreach and materials for Town emergency communication protocols
  • Regular Community Info Sessions
  • Amateur ham radio weekly net
  • Spring Town Emergency Prep Day (part of the Memorial Day festival this year)
  • Fall HNN Member Skills Day
  • Training opportunities via the Central County Fire Department
  • A process for residents to volunteer in the event of an emergency

Neighborhood Goals:

  • At least two Neighborhood Leads
  • At least one CERT-trained resident
  • At least one amateur ham radio operator
  • Get connected via annual block parties
  • Identify, network and share resources and information
  • Knowledge of post-disaster communication protocols
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